‘I just wonder,’ says Sam Allardyce, who believes Klopp will use the 24-year-old Liverpool ace in midfield soon.

Former Premier League manager Sam Allardyce suggests Liverpool right-back Trent Alexander-Arnold could be an even better player if he was utilized in midfield.

Speaking on the No Tippy Tappy Football Podcast, the former England boss lavished praise on the 24-year-old, hailing his unique talents as a full-back.

However, he went on to suggest the Scouser could be an even better player in midfield.

“Jurgen has played him in the midfield a few times before now, and I just wonder whether he can actually go there and be great,” Allardyce said.

“It wouldn’t emphasize the defending side as much.

“He has the touch, and I know it’s tougher in there than at full-back, but he’s such a talent.

Trent could be a great midfielder, according to Allardyce.
This has been a point of contention among Liverpool fans.

The idea has always emerged whenever Alexander-Arnold appears to be struggling in the back.

Jurgen Klopp has frequently dismissed this argument, claiming that there is no need to change something that isn’t broken.

This viewpoint is also debatable, as the England international’s defending has improved noticeably since the World Cup.

However, Alexander-Arnold will be remembered for his extraordinary abilities in the future.

If he were to play in midfield, he would be given more opportunities to create, similar to Manchester City’s Kevin de Bruyne.

Why limit the 24-year-old to a defensive role when he isn’t a traditional right-back?


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