Vincent Kompany responds to Man City’s financial allegations

Kompany says “there is a lot of righteousness in the world” when it comes to those criticizing Manchester City amid their battle with the Premier League.

Club hero Vincent Kompany says those “pointing fingers” at Manchester City amid Premier League allegations of shady financial dealings should look first at their own club.

The Blues were hit with the news on Monday that the Premier League had filed more than 100 individual breach allegations against them dating back to 2009. City quickly issued a statement saying they were “surprised” by the allegations but promised to clear their name in due course.

Burnley manager Kompany has responded to the latest news about his former club, admitting that he hasn’t had enough time to process what has happened.

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“The fixtures have helped because I haven’t had time to look into it or feel emotionally connected to what’s going on,” Kompany admitted when asked about City. “I kind of look at it and occasionally roll my eyes.

“Because I have no doubt that there is a lot of righteousness in the world to come and tell you what you have done wrong and then if everybody looks a little bit at themselves, I think the football industry, in general, is not one that can afford to point the finger too many times.

“Knowing what the football industry is all about, I am skeptical when people start pointing fingers. Do your best for yourself, and let’s keep trying to get better. However, I am skeptical when fingers are easily pointed.”


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