May 19, 2024

There could be some “serious ramifications” financially if Everton suffers Premier League relegation, as the cost of their new stadium development increases, according to journalist Graeme Bailey.

The Toffees were referred to an independent commission over an alleged breach of financial fair play rules, according to The Athletic [24 March] after a ten-month investigation that began when Burnley and Leeds wrote to the Premier League in May 2022. [The Guardian, 24 March]

Also, according to the Daily Mail [28 March], Everton could be forced to spend more on the new Bramley-Moore Stadium than initially planned and while the club announced that they had agreed on a contract with Laing O’Rourke for a fixed price, it could be more complicated and the price could still go up.

And with the prospect of points deductions and relegation looming over the club, Bailey, speaking on 90Min’s Talking Transfers podcast [28 March], suggested it could prove disastrous for the club amid their new stadium development.

He said: “Yeah, it’s a bit of a mess. I’m being told, you know, if Everton goes down, there could be some serious, serious ramifications.

“There are serious issues at Everton. There is, they’re in a lot of debt. This stadium is costing a lot of money. And they will finish it, there’s no suggestion they won’t finish it or anything.

“But if they’re playing in that stadium in the Championship, who knows? Who knows? I don’t want to speculate about administration or whatever. But I’m told if Everton goes down, there’s a lot of pain to follow that.”


Indeed, relegation could be disastrous for Everton and their majority shareholder Farhad Moshiri, especially with payments still being made over their new stadium.

What use will build a new stadium be if they are doomed to be playing Championship football next season, with no guarantees of immediately coming back up?

The thought of it is inconceivable for Toffees fans and the club board which will certainly increase the pressure on boss Sean Dyche and his Everton side.

And with the prospect of a potential points deduction also looming over the club, there is so much uncertainty wrapped around the club’s immediate future and the potential move to a new stadium. Should the Toffees board take all of the blame if relegation occurs? So. No brand-new stadium can take away the hurt of the drop should it happen.

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