England’s Manchester City star explains why Messi is the best opponent he’s ever faced.

Manchester City defender John Stones has faced the best attackers in the world, including PSG’s Lionel Messi while playing in the Premier League and for England.

Stones is an important player for both club and country, so he is tasked with slowing down the best offensive players. In an interview with GOAL, the 28-year-old explained why Messi has been the attacker who has given him the most trouble.

“On the day, he didn’t really play up to his usual standards but being a fan of him and watching his movement, watching what he did with the ball was incredible, really,” Stones told GOAL’s “Simply The Best.”

“Trying to see how I could use that for different players or different scenarios as well.”

The Paris Saint-Germain star has been the source of many headaches for defenders during his football career. After a first challenging season in the French capital, the veteran forward has regained his form that terrorizes the opposition’s defense. 

Messi hopes this new wind in his career results in a 2022 FIFA World Cup victory with Argentina, despite losing the first game to Saudi Arabia. Additionally, the Argentine will expect to contribute to PSG’s quest to win the UEFA Champions League this season. 

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